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Concrete Wash & Seal

Our Hydrophobic Sealer will protect your concrete surfaces from the negative exposure that causes concrete damage: severe conditions like rainwater, repeated melting and freezing, road salts, or de-icers.

DnD Coating & Sealing will seal the surface, infiltrating the pores of the concrete, and keeping these conditions from causing further damage to your concrete.

Sealed Concrete
*Notice how the water is repelled from the concrete.

DnD Coating & Sealing also provides a concrete and masonry washing and sealing service. We have a product that eliminates many issues that affect concrete negatively, but does not change the appearance or texture of the surface. Our sealer will not discolor the concrete, or cause it to be slippery. This process causes your concrete to be easier to clean, and resistant to salt, UV, or stains. It is also an environmentally responsible option.

Can't afford to protect it now? How will you replace it later?

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