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Are you tired of ugly concrete, cracks & moisture? Let us help!!

At DnD Coating & Sealing, when we take your job, you become a part of our family! Customer satisfaction is our top priority! If you're happy, others will hear about it!! That is the secret to our success! We take care of our own!

Our certified professionals give attention to detail that others may ignore.

We use top-notch equipment engineered specifically to prepare your concrete for perfection.

Our concrete coating system transforms your concrete making it look better than new! 

Be the talk of the neighborhood when you transform your front porch, patio, garage, driveway or sidewalk.

Not only will your concrete look stunning and sleek, but it will be better for your family & pets with its no-slip surface, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. 

If that isn't reason enough, factoring in how easy this is to clean, making maintenance a thing of the past. Our heavy duty neat coat system mitagates moisture. Our

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