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Decorative Concrete Coatings

Here is a superb visual explaining our decorative concrete coating service. DnD Coating & Sealing repairs (when necessary) and grinds your concrete surface down smoothly. We then add a base coat that adheres to the concrete and after that a bindercoat.


The flakes can be customized to fit your design style, giving your concrete floors a beautiful, sleek look. The next layer is decorative and can include hundreds of color combinations with flakes (as pictured here), Quartz, Micas, and Sand. This can be applied to driveways, basements, garage floors, concrete porches, and commercial and industrial applications as well. We apply a protective clear topcoat. The final product is oil, UV, and salt resistant with beautiful, long-lasting results.

BMW Car on Decorative Concrete Flakes
Office with Decorative Flakes
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